First hidden sash window on the market

PVC and aluminum windows, luminous

Maximum solar contribution

and maximum natural light for your home

More surface

exceptional glazed

All kinds of glasses

from 24 to 48 mm. Double or triple glass, acoustic insulation: RA, tr 44 dB *

Air tightness

reinforced by automatic sealing of the corners (leaves and frame): class a * 4 standard

Performance adapted to the energy requirements of the regulations.

Relleno de gas argón.

Drenajes y bisagras invisibles.

Custom industrial manufacturing

  • Exceptional quality / performance / price ratio.
  • Handles to match the blade.
  • Possibility of using other handles on the market
  • 30 colors to choose from. Bi-color / optional
  • Possibility to add more features / options.
  • Frames compatible with all our joinery.

Abatibles-Oscilobatientes Tech-Alu y PVC

Gracias a su diseño contemporáneo, su forma refinada y una amplia gama de accesorios, la ventana Tech-Alu-PVC  encaja perfectamente con con cualquier tipo de hogar. La distinción de su estilo y seguridad la hace una de las mejores ventanas del mercado.